Death Rates Higher In Nursing Homes During Good Economy

An interesting article came to my attention today. In it, a study has shown that when the ecomony is strong and jobs are plentiful, nursing home residents have much higher death rates than any other time. The study shows that staffing is directly related to resident mortality. Loss of caregiving help is literally deadly for […]


Horizontal Violence

by PATTI on MARCH 24, 2007 The stories are all too familiar. CNA’s treating each other poorly. New CNA’s often receive the worst assignments and are blamed when things go awry. Experienced CNA’s participate with this “hazing” of new staff. The overwhelming need to fit in is important. But at what cost? Does anyone consider […]


Legal Issues For CNA’s

by PATTI on MARCH 8, 2012 Legal Standards These are guidelines to lawful behavior. When laws are not obeyed you can be prosecuted and found liable (responsible) for injury and damages. Legal guilt can result in fines and imprisonment, as well as loss of certification/license to work as a CNA. Laws are passed by local, […]


10 Traits Of Well Respected CNAs

1 Compassionate: A compassionate CNA is valuable. She respects what her residents/patients are experiencing; she has a knack for knowing what to say, just when to say it too! She advocates for her patients/residents- she gives detailed reports and updates to the nurses on changes in condition. 2 Patient: This CNA does not allow her […]


How To Apply For Reciprocity In Another State

by PATTI on MARCH 8, 2012 What is reciprocity – By Federal and State Laws, you must pass a State prescribed course and test in order to work as a nursing assistant in a nursing home. You also cannot work as a nursing assistant in a nursing home in any state unless you are approved […]


Observation Skills For CNA’s

by PATTI on MARCH 8, 2012 in POPULAR CONTENT First, make sure you understand the nursing process and how CNA’s fit in with it. When we think about it, CNA’s are the eyes, ears, hands and nose of the nurses. We use these senses when providing care and with the right skill, we can assist […]