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About Us

Welcome to Florida Health Institute,
the place where we care about your academic success.

Since June 26, 2002, with the help of our founder Alberto, we have had the privilege of guiding and training professionals and students who wish to acquire the tools that will allow them to successfully practice their chosen profession in their country of origin. We specialize in the health area, with English and Spanish-speaking students.


Florida Health Institute's mission is to provide high quality health care education, equipping our students with the theoretical and clinical skills necessary to successfully enter the practice of their chosen professions. We are committed to fostering excellence and personal dedication in our students, preparing them to become dedicated healthCare providers.


Our vision is to be a leader in the training of health professionals, maintaining a professional environment where students and faculty thrive, playing an integral role in curriculum development, goal setting and continuous evaluation to ensure excellence. We seek to achieve a 90% graduation rate, and in turn, ensure that 90% of our graduates find employment in their fields of study.

Our Values

At Florida Health Institute we believe in a globalized and competitive education of international educational standards, as well as the access and use of new technologies that focus on the preparation of students and professionals to meet the most demanding standards.







Our institutional goals and objectives

Our commitment is to continue to evolve and grow to meet these goals and continue to be a pillar in the training of healthcare professionals in our community.

To provide unwavering support services to our students at all times.

Maintain a professional environment that fosters the personal and professional growth of our students.

To achieve a 90% graduation rate for our students.

To have 90% of our graduates employed in their fields of study.

Inspire our students to continue their education beyond graduation, promoting lifelong learning.

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