Non Degree Programs

We offer a wide range of vocational programs that will prepare you to quickly enter the job market.

Vocational courses or training are non-degree programs in essence, any course or class taken without the objective of accumulating credit hours.

Patient Care Technician

Designed to train in relevant aspects of patient care, like personal care, physical comfort, diagnostic testing, home health care needs, etc.

Health Aide

Courses on basic medical care, emergency response and housekeeping duties and all needed to work as a home health aide.

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Skin Care

The objective is prepare a student with everything it requires for an entry-level position as a licensed facial skin-care specialist.


Program designed with a great length of lab work hours to prepare students in all task and daily duties in a Doctor's Office, Clinic or Hospital.


Dental assistants work alongside dentists by providing them with support in every day dental procedures and office